DSC: padder equipment manufacturing
DSC: padder equipment manufacturing
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DESCRIPTION: A conveyor mounted, servo motor driven, microprocessor controlled system to cut absorbent pads to a predetermined length from continuous rolls of padding material or rolls of pouch type pads and place the cut pads into poultry packaging trays prepositioned on a conveyor. With pouch type pad material there is an option to feed one, two or three pouches per cut.

The PAD PLACER operates in conjunction with the DENESTER. The DENESTER is a pneumatically actuated tray feeding device to drop trays onto the customer's product conveyor. It is adjustable in both axes to accommodate a wide range of tray sizes.

The PAD PLACER is constructed entirely of stainless steel with NEMA 4X (IP-67) electrical to withstand direct high pressure washdown with water and corrosive sterilants. The pad cutting and placing unit is hinge mounted to the conveyor and is tipped up to allow easy access for washing of the interior of the machine.

The PAD PLACER consists of two unwind spindles to mount rolls of pad stock to be unwound by the servo motor driven pad feed rolls, a servo motor driven cut off knife assembly to cut the padding material to a preset length, and a speed and position matching control system to position the pads in the packaging trays on the customer’s flighted conveyor. Position and speed matching to the conveyor is provided by an ENCODER driven by the conveyor shaft.


  • SPEED: 10 to 120 pads per minute.

  • PADDING MATERIAL: : 3" to 8" wide, up to 22 plys of absorbent material with one ply of poly wound to the outside of the roll or pouch type pads using the registered cut option. Material must be wound on a 3" I.D. core to be a maximum roll diameter of 40"

  • PAD CUT SIZE: 3" minimum pad width, 8" maximum width x 3" minimum length, 14" maximum length.

  • PAD PLACEMENT: The pad is positioned in the tray to + or - 1/4" of target plus any variation in tray position on the conveyor.

  • MACHINE SIZE: 2'-4" wide X 4' long X 2'-11" high. Weight is approx. 295 lbs.


  • TEMPERATURE: 32 degrees F to 95 degrees F

  • HUMIDITY: To 100% condensing

  • WASHDOWN: Direct water to 149 degrees F at 100 PSI.



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