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Bubble Stabilizer      Bubble Stabilizer


DESCRIPTION: An adjustable roller guiding assembly to stabilize the film extrusion column between the die and the collapsing frame.

The BUBBLE STABILIZER consists of a fixed frame and jackscrew assembly mounted to the extrusion tower and a vertically adjustable frame assembly carrying four arms and shafts that mount roller rod assemblies to contact and stabilize the tubular extrusion column.

The fixed frame is fabricated to fit the customer's extrusion tower. Four jackscrew shafts are mounted from the fixed frame to carry the vertically adjustable frame. A gearbox-mounted motor driving a chain and sprockets that are enclosed in the adjustable frame accomplishes the vertical adjustment. The motor is controlled by push buttons to allow the operator to easily adjust the vertical position of the stabilizer assembly. Mounts can be provided on the adjustable frame for transducers to measure or control bubble diameter.

On the adjustable frame, four pivot shaft and arm assemblies are mounted to carry the four roller rod assemblies that contact the bubble. A motor and reduction gearbox assembly drives the pivot shafts through bell cranks and push rods, with reaction rods maintaining the angular displacement of the roller rod assemblies. The motor is controlled by push buttons to allow the operator to easily change the stabilization diameter of the roller rod assemblies.


  • MAXIMUM BUBBLE DIAMETER: 55 inches (86 inch layflat)

  • MINIMUM BUBBLE DIAMETER: 28 inches (44 inch layflat)

  • VERTICAL ADJUSTMENT RANGE: customer specifies.

  • WEB SPEED: up to 250 feet per minute.

  • DIMENSIONS: dependent upon extrusion tower dimensions.


  • POWER: 240 or 480 VAC, three phase, 2.5/5 Amp.

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