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DSC: padder equipment manufacturing
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Auto Adjust C-Folder



DESCRIPTION: A single unit, track mounted, dual spindle, unwind and combined folding frame to accept two rolls of flat film up to 48 inches wide x 18 inch diameter.

Flat film is unwound from the dual spindle unwind, which is equipped with friction brakes on each spindle, formed into a C-fold, perforated if desired, and discharged to the downstream process.

The film is discharged at 90 degrees to the axis of the unwind. The unwind and folding frame is manually adjustable in the infeed axis direction to provide centering of varying widths of folded film to the downstream process.

The edge of the film is sensed between the payout roll and the folding frame by an auto tracking system to consistently track the film to the folding frame to provide even matching of the folded edges. The system may run with an offset to provide a consistent lip on the C-folded film.

The unwind and folder is designed to be easily converted from upstream to downstream film loading, and from right hand to left hand film delivery. The folder has a guarded roll with removable shells to accommodate perforator pins which may be configured to provide perforations in any pattern across the film.

110 VAC power is required for the tracking system, and a small volume of air is required for the folding frame, which has air passages to provide an air cushion to reduce friction of the film moving over the folding frame.

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